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The aesthetic quality of roofing slate shows remarkable durability and resistance in Australia’s climate. It is unaffected by normal extremes of temperature and is highly resistant to acids, alkalis and other chemicals. It retains its colour and is impermeable to water. It is non combustible and compatible with all other building materials.

Ironmongers offer four of the finest slates from around the world.

Cupa R6

One in every four slates used in roofing construction around the world is a Cupa Slate - Cupa R6 is a timeless classic.
Ideal as an acceptable replacement to indigenous slate as it has a similar composition, is a comparable quality and well priced.
Offering a 75 year guarantee, it is regularly specified for heritage properties along with new build residential and commercial projects.

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Lousaval Slate

‘Life lasting’ extracted from the Cafensa quarries in Spain. The process of carving the slate blocks is completely hand made by skilled carvers that exfoliate the stone into the most required thickness.

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Gallegas Slate

Economically priced and very popular, this slate comes from the Gallegas quarry in Spain and is well known for its unique and distinct appearance due to mineral inclusions within the grain. Consistent and smooth textured, high quality and hard wearing, Gallegas is suitable for many roofing projects.

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Welsh Penrhyn Slate

Used on some of Australia’s finest heritage buildings. This is the premier slate used because of its strong, flat, dense, durable qualities for longevity in roofing. Welsh Penrhyn shows remarkable resistance under Australia’s hot climate.
Welsh Penrhyn comes from the Penrhyn Quarry in Gywneld County in Wales.

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